Rotate projectile towards forward vector

I have a projectile that I want to have rotate towards the direction it is going. Essentially it is tumbling in the direction it is moving. So if it bounces the rotation will then change to rotate in the direction it is now going.

Hello @Osok,

I think I might have a solution for you. I will post my code and then explain it below.

So essentially what this code does is it takes two vectors which represent points in world space and uses the “Find Look at Rotation” node to the get the rotation from one point to the other. It uses the world vector of the actor and the velocity of the projectile added to the world vector of the actor as the other vector. After it gets the rotation between these two points, it sets the rotation of the static mesh which in my example is called “Cube”.

I hope this answer helps,


Hello, thank you for your help. I have been on vacation for the past two weeks so I was unable to get to this until now. This helped me in the right direction. Your solution will make the projectile face where it is going and I iterated on that to make the projectile roll like a ball towards the direction it is going. Thank you!

Drag the projectile component out into the event graph. Click and drag the pin out. Type in get velocity. You should see it!

What is a node? from ProjectikleMovement → ( - Target-Velocity - ? ) I can’t find it.