rotate pointlight ?

So I’m trying to make a point light rotate on the Y (pitch) but just can’t get it to work with blueprint

I first get the Actor Location and Rotation and promote them to their variables.

I then add a new vector to the Timeline component that should make it spin 360 for 6 seconds.
I break down the vector output from the Timeline and make a rot from it (X-roll, Y-pitch, Z-jaw) -> this rotate also gets promoted to it’s variable

I then add the two rotation values together. But no matter what I try I can’t get a pointlight to rotate in any way.

I hope someone can help me with this.

Kind re

Do you have a screenshot of your Blueprint? Is there any reason you are trying to rotate a pointlight? Pointlights are a sphere of light and if it is indeed rotating, you wouldn’t notice any visual change. You can try adding an arrow component to your Blueprint and making it visible in game so you can visualize the rotation. You also need to make sure that any lights you are trying to move are setup as moveable/dynamic.