Rotate player towards mouse position

How do I rotate player towards mouse position? I’ve tried using Find Look at Rotation node and Convert Mouse Location to World Space together, but it will only work if camera is facing directly down at 90 degrees.

Hey renderman09,

Without seeing a screenshot of setup you are using or having a little more detail on what type of perspective you are using (3rd person over–shoulder, first person, top-down, isometric, etc.), best guess is that you may need to just break Find Look at Rotation and only use Yaw for rotating your character:

If you are already doing this, just reply back with a screenshot of your setup for rotating your character/camera and we’ll be glad to troubleshoot what’s going on.



Sorry I didn’t provide enough information in original post. I’m creating a top-down shooter with a camera set to around 60 degrees instead of 90. Here is setup I’m currently using. I’ve set Control Rotation for main camera to 60 degrees, and when left mouse button is down character should rotate to mouse current mouse position.

Hey renderman09,

You should probably consider adjusting angle of camera in character components instead of adjusting control rotation. Then set Target of Set Actor Rotation node to Get Player Character. Let me know if that doesn’t help!

Set target to camera or character? I just used set control rotation for camera angle because it would spin out of control otherwise.

Your Spring Arm component may be set to Relative Rotation rather than World Rotation. In your Character Blueprint, click on Rotation in Details panel and select Relative. Then make sure Use Controller View Rotation (under Camera Settings) is disabled. This should keep your camera rotation steady as your character moves around level.

Then in your Controller (or wherever you are setting Actor Rotation), make Target of your Set Actor Rotation node to Get Player Character. This will let camera keep its rotation while you rotate character.

My Controller Blueprint is set up like this:

Well that seemed to do trick! I still need to adjust angle while player is moving… but its working! Thanks!