Rotate Player mesh to mouse position

Hi all,

I need to rotate the pawn mesh to the mouse position on screen.
Here is what I have so far.


However, when I move using WASD, the mesh’s rotates opposite to the pawn’s direction. It’s blue arrow looks like a tail.
This makes aiming really hard to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Look at my top/down fps template

Thank you for the help.
Your project works very well, however, I wonder how it works on a 3/4 top down view.

I modded it and noticed that the actor didn’t move relative to camera position, I have that same problem.
Do you know any solution to that?


In cases like this I always use TraceLine node for visualization of how my vectors really look like.
So add traceline by channel there to show that start and target points.

You also could use trace line to find exactly what is under mouse and look at that point.

Ps. for better finding out how those debug trace lines look set them to permanent, make few traces then eject and see from spectator perspective.

Hey, thanks to you guys.

I figured out that the Spring arm was the issue. Once I positioned it properly then it started working.
Thanks again, guys!!

Now, on to the hard parts.