Rotate player in the same rotation than target

Hi my goal is to teleport the Character to a target point, the target point is a BP, I wish the Character take the same rotation like same location of the target. Location takes perfect, but the rotation is not what I expected, somebody could explain me how works the rotation? I have realized than always keep the Chacarter rotation, so I need to calculate some difference between both rotation or there are a way to set up direct a specific rotation to the Character?

That’s work perfect, but what is the porpouse of rotation param in Teleport or Actor Transform, why It doesn’t take the rotation in?
Your option is nice for that case, but if the day of tomorrow I want to set the rotation of any object like other (instead to set the rotation of the controlled Pawn) is not a solution.

So the character’s rotation doesn’t change at all? By default, the character’s rotation is the same as the controller’s rotation so for rotation you need to change the controllers rotation. Use the following :

On regular non pawn actors, Teleport and Actor Transform would work.

In your character’s movement component there is a checkbox called “Use controllers desired rotation”. This way, the mesh is always looking where the controller is looking at. They need to be separate for the cases in which you want the character to ignore the controller and look in different directions.

HI dissonanceint

thank for teaching me a way to change character’s rotation
but it can’t work perfect for me ,if the actor’s rotation like this

then my character will be looks like this

begging for help

and if i just change the z of actor ,the character will be fine after teleport

Never mind…
I just found that character’s roll always is 0…

If you have problems rotating the player character, try to uncheck Use Controller Rotation Yaw and enable Use Controller Desired Rotation and or Orient Rotation to Movement on the Character Movement Component.

Hi there. I’m new to UE4 and I’m making a short game. I’m trying to implement your blueprint dissonanceint but naturally I’m doing it wrong, ha. I know this topic is old, but maybe you can steer me in the right direction. Thanks.