Rotate player direction without using "use controller rotation YAW"?

Hi, I’m working on a fixed camera third person game (like resident evil 1, 2, 3). Does anyone know of a way to rotate the player character using Input Axis Move Right, without setting “use controller desired rotation” to true? To explain, I have it set up so that if the player will move in tank controls if the player is aiming a gun. But because I need to “use controller desired rotation” to make them rotate with Input Right Axis the player always snaps to the rotation of the fixed camera’s direction. I need the player to stay in it’s current facing direction and still have the ability to rotate to the left or right.


Yes! Thank you so much! This totally got it!

Something like this should work.

I’ve used mouse input but you can set this up as whatever axis you want. This will rotate the entire actor by a speed you can adjust by changing the value of the RotationSpeed variable by adding a certain amount to the rotation it is already at.

Hope this helps.

No worries. Glad it’s what you were looking for. :slight_smile:

there is lost picture. i just restored it from google archive. Hope this helps someone.