Rotate Overlap object along spline


I am working on some conveyor belt script and I follow this youtube video on the same.

I can get everything as per the video but I need some improvement in the blueprint where if I make a curve spline, the object should rotate along the curve.

Below is my current blueprint as per the video.

Can anyone help to improve it?

Thanks in advance.

Based on what I see in your attached image, you are only adding actor world offset and this only affects location/position of the actor and not its rotation. I have attached an image displaying some of the available functions for splines that deal with rotation and hopefully one of these will be useful to you.

You will need to update the rotation of the actor in question by using one of the handful of functions related to rotation for actors:


I believe this tutorial will also be of good use to you: Ue4 Tutorial - Moving an Object along a path using a Spline Track - YouTube. Good luck :slight_smile:


Finally I was able to get it work without any errors.

You can see this image for reference.