Rotate object that already has rotation and keep certain angle


I’m trying to rotate a flag, which is slightly tilted down, I want the flag to rotate according to a wind vector. But when I do this it removes the flag’s own slight tilt which is 15 degrees down.

How can I rotate the flag to the direction of the wind, but still also keep it’s slight tilt?

This is how it should be with the tilt

This is what happens when i rotate the flag to the wind vector, tilt is gone :frowning:

The problem is basically that i somehow need to convert the worl rotation to a local rotation.

this is what I have right now:

This rotates the flag to the direction of the wind, but it doesn’t revolve around it’s tilted axis, instead it revolves around a zero axis

You need to do this in relative space , so here is a way to do it , Attach your flag mesh to a scene component ( Like a pivot ) then :


What do you mean by scene component? The flag is part of a ship actor which can be moved around. The flag is simply a skeletal actor component.

I’ve tried your solution but the result is that the flag wildly spins in all directions. :frowning:

Thanks for helping though!

EDIT: I made a small mistake i used set world rotation instead of set relative rotation. But set relative rotation doesn’t work either. :confused:

Like this