Rotate Object (pitch/roll) with mouse?

Here is a similar question and its answer:

It should give you some idea. If you still need help, let me know.

Anyway here is the idea:

  • As you have said, first you need to define the input mappings in the project settings
  • Within you Actor blueprint, you need to override the events for these mappings (right click on blueprint editor and type the name of your mapping and it should popup in that list. Click on it)
  • Once the event node is on the blueprint editor, you can tell it what to do. In your case you need to update the rotation of your Actor. simplest thing you could do here is to add some rotation (based on input value and how fast you need it to rotate) to your Actor.

Hello Community,

Firstly, you all rock :slight_smile: No, not trying to earn brownie points but just wanted to express how happy I am to see people helping people, even if my question goes unanswered. Now for the question…

I have a flat object I want to rotate left and right, to and fro (pitch/roll) and have a max rotation that it could rotate on. I know I have to create my inputs in the input manager for the mouse, I am just unsure how to do this in blueprints. I am guessing it has something to do with adding its current rotation for the axis (pitch or roll) with a certain amount to rotate for speed (variable of course). I am not sure if I would be missing anything.

Thanks :slight_smile: