Rotate object in place

Hello. I want to rotate my object in place by class blueprint. I made this, but its doesn’t working. I forget about something?

Try to add a rotation about 5 without any other value. Are you sure that yor blueprint have a shape that you can see rotate? Like a cube?
Is you blueprint active? Let me know if you use a print node if you can see it

No, i don’t use a shape or cube. I thought that the script itself is sufficient.

Hello V4nder,

This may end up causing some weird behavior once the value gets to a particular point. I would suggest using a Rotating Movement Component instead of trying to set it up manually.

What is this node “DRAW VECTOR FORWARD” ?


I do this before blueprint. Exactly like the example given, but this didn’t work.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘before blueprint’. You should be able to add the rotating movement component as part of the blueprint’s components and it’ll apply a constant rotation to the entire blueprint.

Ok, i did it. However rotate too fast .How can I reduce the speed ?

Its a collapsed graph, inside there is “draw debug line”
with for start, “get actor location”
for the start , i pin in the “actor world location”
and for end i take the actor location +“Get actor forward” multiplied for 100.
This way i draw a line from the center of the actor to forward.
and i can see if he turn or not. even if there are no mesh or visible thing.

Select the Rotating Movement Component and then look at the details panel. There are values for Yaw, Pitch, and Roll. The lower the number, the slower it’ll rotate.

All fine, thanks for your help :wink: