Rotate Object from my position.

If i pick and rotate in front of object, Pitch work Ok.

if i pick from one side , any angle, rotation still work as im facing it.

I tried ‘Find Look’ , get rotationXvector, forward rigth vector…can’t get it to work.

Thanks for any help.

Rotate it in what way? You want the book to face a new rotation (which rotation would that be) or rotate it freely as if you were inspecting it?

Essentially, what does correctly mean in your example - it can mean something different for any given scenario. Are we stacking books on the shelf? Then correctly means the Z up; but that would depend on how the axis are set on the owning actor / mesh asset.

Is this some kind of real world item inspecting where you pickup an object off the ground and inspect it in 3d space ? If yes find look at rotation should help you set the initial rotation of the object so that the book for example is facing the player’s camera, and then to rotate you can simply use AddRotationOffset node.

Could you post your BP where you couldn’t make it work with FindLookAtRotation ?

Why do I see this “Everynone” guy everywhere :joy:.
Anyway, if you are talking about the 3d object inspection then, here’s my 30 seconds look-up.

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you pickup object and why you want to ratate it while the object is sticked to your hands, you must rotate it when you drop it.
Explain your goal in more details what actually you want to do.

Re-Edited, better explain.

I dont attach the object to any component.

Matt video is not rotating well.