Rotate mesh projectile - without affecting fire angle?

I hope I can explain this.

I have a projectile setup as follows:

Gameplay-wise, it feels good. I like the arc and speed that my projectile is moving. However, I’d like to add a little variation to the mesh’s local rotation when it leaves the canon. I don’t want it to effect the angle which it fires at - just want to add visual variation to the spin. Problem is, anything I come up with affects the fire angle (as the projectile is fire along x - spin the mesh and it’s direction of velocity changes).

I tried parenting the mesh to a collision mesh - with the collision being the actual projectile, and the mesh existing within it. However, this messes up the physics and the actual collision of the projectile as it bounces and is interacted with.

Is there anyway at all to create a projectile movement blueprint that will fire along the same local angle of the blueprint, while allowing the mesh to spawn at slighting different angles?

…hope that makes sense…

Any reason why you cant use a mesh based particle for this? that would solve all your problems afaik.

Try making the Mesh a parent of a Collision Component, then spin just the Mesh.

Thanks for the reply - the meshes need to be BP actors in this case.

Thanks for the reply. However, if the mesh is the parent, the projectileComponent will grab the vector coordinates from there, and the spin will affect the projection direction. That said, I may try the reverse…placing the mesh inside a collision. I will run into problems, but might be able to work around them. So, thanks for the suggestion! Got me thinking…

Yeah thats my bad, I must have been in a rush when I tried to explain this. What I meant was making the Collision the Parent and the Mesh the Child, this way you can rotate the Mesh independently from the physics being applied to the Collision.