rotate joints Axis problem (vehicle skin problem in maya)

Hi2all, how can i change rotation of my joint axis(in local space) on single skined mesh in unreal Editor or in original scene in maya? to unreal coordinate system(x-forward z-up y-left)… i need some how rotate all my joints to unreal system, but i don’t know maya so well to do that(if i rotate join my mesh also rotates)


I had something like this happen me, the only way I could get it sorted was to remove the skin from the skeleton and the mesh, fix the axis and then re skin it again.

Hopefully someone has a better fix for this

hi, i already delete all my skin and start from scratch((((… shame on epic for this functionality limitation(with axis), vehicle are important!!! and so low support in engine

No need to start from scratch, but remove bind > go to Skeleton > orient joint and change the orientation from there > then bind skin