Rotate items in real-time using grab component?


I am trying to rotate items that are grabbed using the “Grabbed component”. The issue I’m having is due to the grab component having the physics constrained, I can’t rotate the items without having them rotate back to the handle location.

What I’m trying to accomplish is having the player be able to rotate items in real-time when a key is held. I’m trying to re-create the ability to rotate and investigate items, like in the Resident Evil Remake (GameCube), but in real-time.

Example: Resident Evil Inventory and Defense Items - YouTube

The constraint boolean is giving my desired “grab” but I’ve found no way to gradually branch it off when a key is held, to rotate an object.

Below is the blueprint as a large attachment.

(Sorry for the bad paint job)

The following is a video of where my problem lies.

Any help will be appreciated

Note: This is coming from an event tick + Sequence and this is the last sequence. This is my character blueprint.

I had a similar problem when I was trying to have my character pick up a weapon.

To fix it I created a Scene Component called Weapon Holder in MyCharacter blueprint to get a position where I wanted my weapon to attach. Scene Components are great for defining positions. Next, I parented my Weapon Holder to my FirstPersonCamera component so that it mimics the cameras position and rotation. Finally, I used the position and rotation of that Weapon Holder to set the rotation and location of my physics handle in my Tick method.

Here is a image of my Tick method:

To rotate the object, all you would need to do is to rotate your Scene Component.