Rotate first person camera in blueprints

I have an end-game sequence that I’m trying to achieve in which the player suddenly turns around over a period of about 0.25 seconds. I built my game using the first person template, so I have a camera component inside of a capsule with a couple other components that are irrelevant.

I have tried to make the camera turn around by setting the camera component’s relative rotation to 180, but that does not seem to do anything. I have also tried to do this with the “add controller yaw input” and a 0.25 second timeline with an output of 4.75, but there’s no good way to make sure that the character turns EXACTLY 180 degrees; it seems that it will usually turn somewhere inbetween 90 and 180 degrees, but it is inconsistent.

Adding local rotation to the pawn actor does nothing, and setting the camera’s “use pawn control rotation” to false before attempting to rotate it also does nothing.

What is the proper way to rotate the first person camera over a period of time for an exact number of degrees?

I am open to C++ functions too; I’m just less experienced in that language.

Have you tried using SetControlRotation?

Whoops! Just noticed this question was 4 years old!