Rotate character with axis input

Hi. I am new to a Blueprints and programming in general

Situation : (Third Person Template)
I use left gamepad trigger to move a character around. When I hit LT I set to “orient rotation to movement” fo false so the character cant move but can’t look around.

And then when LT is being pressed I want to be able to look around with a right trigger. But I can’t figure out how to do it.

So basically I want to same have the same behaviour as with Add Movement Input minus the movement

Thank You!

So you want to be able to look around, but not move?

I find SetIgnoreMoveInput pretty useful:

You can stop looking or moving, depending on which you use.

Watch out though, calling them is cumulative. If you call one 3 times, you have to ‘undo’ that 3 times before things start working again.

Thank you. But it is probably not it. It will lose the ability to move a character.

I want to be able to move and look with a left trigger but when I press a LT button I need to be able to move with left trigger but no longer be able to look around with it. At thet moment I want to set the Right Trigger to rotate a character

Edit: I have been able to sorta have it works but the rotation is nor precise… it jumps at certain gamepad positions

Edit2: Ok I think I slowly figuring it out… I still have some things not working properly so maybe I will ask again :slight_smile: But if the is a simpler or more elegant way to do it I will appreciate your help. Thank you!

Yes, from what you have there so far, I think you’re nearly there…