Rotate Character on Slope - Works Sort of ...

This BP works fine in rotating the character when he goes up and down a slope or runs sideways across the slope.

However if he is running up the slope and you turn the character 180 degrees so he runs down (or vice versa) the character will not be facing up or down but slightly to one side. If I repeat it enough times the character will get to 90 degrees rotated even if he is supposed to run straight ahead.

Any suggestions, thanks.


Typical I post something then almost instantly solve it … used capsule component not the mesh, I’m thinking it might have been due the idle anim on the mesh having the character slightly angled to one side.

I came across this thread and gave the blue print above a go; but because I’m working with quadruped characters (wolf, fox, etc) and their origin point of the mesh is not in the middle of the mesh I found the technique above didn’t work to well for me, short of doing LOTS of offsets.

But I did find a much simpler solution from another thread.

Blueprint pricture here

Forum thread is here → Align Player to Surface? - Unreal Engine Forums

Thank you for this!