Rotate character camera via Sequencer

Hello everybody,

I started yesterday with creating a little sequence in the new sequencer Unreal has. As I want to create a little sequence where the “First person” characters rotation will be controlled by the sequencer itself I am struggeling with the rotation of the player.

I have added my character to the level and already setup everything for having the sequence playing. However I am not able to get the player rotate in the sequence, I have animated the rotation of the whole character component in the sequence and when I am in pilot mode the player rotates in the sequence but as soon as I start playing the character looks in the sequence to the same direction as when I triggered my sequence. I hope my problem is clear if not… feel free to ask me for further details.

(I have added a small description to the various screenhots to explain what the screenshots show exactly.)

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I got the same issue, would be nice if someone could give us some insight. :stuck_out_tongue: