Rotate Character by Mouse

Good day/night to all !!!

How can I rotate character (not a camera) by mouse?
My game type is a Twin Stick Shooter, like a Alien Swarm, camera there is above the character, and main character looks the same direction as mouse cursor on the screen.

My solution you can see on my bluebrint event graph screenshot.
Is it good? The main problem is a sharp motions when the player mouse cursor goes throughout a character.
What kind of solutions can you suggest?

You can use a “Lerp Rotator” node for smooth turning.

alperenakyuz, thank you for your answer it help me find a solution. I found a “RinterpTo” node and i use it in my case. Effect of “RinterpTo” is what i need.

does the courser need to be made visible somehow before this method will work because im doing the same thing you are in a lot of ways by the sound of it and i tried this and no go for me …