Rotate capsule with mesh

For example, trying to get my character to slide under some stuff. The animation and slide all work great, but since the capsule component is static upright… it blocks the player from sliding under things since even though hes sliding the capsule component moves with him but stays vertical

If i disable collision on the capsule, he falls through the floor. How does one handle this?

Changing the half height doesnt work right because it makes the capsule smaller but then the characters body falls through the floor since the capsule is centred at his hips and not his feet.



yeah i think halfheight and radius are the way to go.
I wasnt sure at first cuz i can only make the capsule as small mesh(95) so i thought that was an issue. but I guess when you set it in code it makes it smaller regardless anyway. playing with that now.
Dont want custom collision, cuz then I’d have to ensure the assets all adhere to it when building out levels

is there a way to make the capsule size dynamic based on the mesh?

Actually… when i resize it its no longer on the floor, its floating centre so the mesh is half in the floor… and i cant seem to move the capsule…sooo… hmmm

You could move/make smaller the capsule size to his slide height, OR, you can make special collisions so you can customize what the capsule can and cannot pass while sliding.

found a work around

I enable “can crouch” in the movement.
Then use the built in “crouch” “uncrouch” functions.

They set the capsule to a smaller size relative to the feet.

Just seems like a silly thing to have to work around. I should be able to set the capsule size to whatever I want, relative to feet or hips.