Rotate Camera without rotating Controller or Pawn


I do not get new camera logic and can not find a way how to rotate 3d person camera without rotating character or controller.

My movement settings:
bOrientRotationToMovement = false;
bUseControllerDesiredRotation = true;

If i set bUseControllerDesiredRotation to false than i can rotate camera without rotating character. But if i move, character is using wrong direction that depends on camera position (like D for forward, A for backwards) and i do not want this.

Do you have any ideas?


If I understand correctly you want something like WoW camera system? Try to get camera forward vector when adding movement input.It’s probably how you can do it.

OK i found the way by myself. Camera is component of Character. So i have only to change rotation of CameraBoom in Controller::UpdateRotation.

I’m sure you have moved on, but in case someone else is looking for this issue:

GetCharacterMovement()->bOrientRotationToMovement = false;

This should decouple the movement from the player controller orientation.

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