Rotate camera with true first person

I’m working on a true first person character blueprint. My camera is parented to the Head bone socket on my skeletal mesh. The camera has “Use Controller View Rotation checked.”

The issue I am having is that the character pawn turns with the camera perfectly. This is not what I want. Rather, I want the character to be able to look around for about 160 degree viewing angle with the mesh turning as well. However, once the camera goes past 160, the player mesh will then rotate to match the viewing angle, which will then be forward facing with the mesh, at which point this process repeats. So basically, the player can look up to 160 degrees on the Yaw from the forward vector of the skeletal mesh. When it reaches 10 on the left or 170 on the right, the mesh then rotates to compensate.

I can’t figure out for the life of me how to implement this. I need to do this on the InputAxis Turn event, so I need to intercept the Add Controller Yaw Input value so that it only affects the camera until it reaches that angle, at which point it adds the yaw input to the mesh as well.

Greatly appreciate anyone who can help.

Just to add, I currently have “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” turned off. This lets me move my camera independently of the character. This is a good first step, just need to figure out how to clamp the camera’s rotation now.