rotate camera around player

Hello all,
I know how to move player but when I use mouse to turn camera, player turn with it but I would like camera to turn around player but camera only.
I’m new to the unreal engine, so If you have screenshots, I think It’s better.If I’m missing some key info please let me know and I’ll resolve.
(Sorry If there are mistakes, I’m french)

I had the same problem -

Thanks but I still have a problem. If I dont move, the camera turn around the character but if I move, everything turn and I would like just camera to turn around mesh

Show us your blueprint. We won’t be able to guess the solution… but it looks like a logic in the blueprint is messed up - you might want to double-check it to make sure that everything makes sense there.

If you wants other screenshot, contact me

Anybody have the solution ?

On spring arm untick follow control rotation or whatever its called. In event graph drag out spring arm and apply your rotation to it.

how to do that ? I can’t apply rotation on spring arm : “spring arm component reference is not compatible with pawn reference”
How to apply rotation on it ( I’m new to the unreal engine)


Drag spring arm into event graph. Drag a pin from spring arm and type rotation.

Thanks to everyone here is rhe final graph