Rotate bullet in flight direction

Hi forum,

I am trying to make realistic trajectories in blueprint for bullets and the bullets do not change their rotating in the flying direction yet.
I have 2 vectors that are points in my world, e.g.: Vector(0.f,0.f,0.f) and Vector(2.f,0.f,2.f) and I want to get a rotator representing the rotation of the bullet.

Help is very apprechiated :slight_smile:

You can use the build in Projectile Movement to make a realistic bullet trajectory, and there is a toggle called Rotation Follows Velocity to let the projectile follows the rotation of the velocity.

But it’s OK to implement your own projectile movement. You can subtract the two vector and use Make Rot from X or Find Look at Rotation to calculate the rotation, it’s the same either way.


Thank you (; Making your own bullet physics was the only way for me to simulate bullet reflection and material penetration since the BluePrint event (“onHit” or something) applied after the physics.