rotate and aim character with a line trace.

Hey all.

I am working on using a line trace that rotates the players upper body so that the players gun when fired will always be pointed dead center the screen, and the bp below works fine however I need the line trace to come from the camera and not the attached player controller.

When I preform the line trace from the cameras location, also in the BP below labeled has latency it stutters just a bit, and this cannot happen as it is noticeable more so say up close to the mesh.

I believe the issue to be something called late update I think, and what I am getting at is does anyone know how to disable this for the player cameras or perhaps a work around for this issue?

I think it’s mainly because you’re using the spring arm to make the final vector.

If you want to do it from the camera, I’d recommend only using camera related details ( so world location / world rotation / add distance ).

I’m surprised the controller HAS a location, because it doesn’t need one ( does it? ).

Why use controller rotation, when what you’re looking at is dictated by the camera anyway?