Rotate actor based on local axis?

So I made a blueprint that lets me ray trace out and place a cube on any surface based on the normal of the surface that it hits. Now after that cube has been placed in the world I have a key binded when pushed that should rotate the cube relative to its local axis.

I cant seem to get this to work in any configuration, It always seems to want to return to world space when rotating or I get very strange results. Any and all help is welcome. Here is a link to a video showing the issue [LINK TO VIDEO][1]

Here is a photo of what the blueprint for the rotation looks like as well.

You are setting Pitch and Roll to 0. You need to connect their pins from the Break Rot to the Make Rot if you want to maintain those values.

Your Get Actor Rotation is in world space is also a problem, try using Add Actor Local Rotation instead if all you want to do is add rotation around a local axis.

Add actor local rotation was the thing I was looking for in the blueprint. Thank you very much!