Rotate actor around his own pivot point

I have a door which I would like to make the matinee of it opening. So I put an angle using an pivot previously set on the point that I need (see the first image) and play the matinee. But the door spins around an pivot that is not on the mesh, (see the second image). So how can I make the door spins around my pivot?? Or put the pivot from the second image on the place that i need?

Not sure if I understand you correctly, but does this video help?
However, you can always change the Pivot Point of a Mesh in every 3D application (free app is Blender and it will work)

I put the pivot in the place that i need in 3ds MAX, but when I export it to UE4 the pivot appears in other place. I have already seen this video and it doesn’t help when I want to make a matinee (even if I rotate the mesh with the pivot on the place that i need).

If it’s just 1 object, you can easily center the mesh pivot at world origin in 3ds max and export the single mesh again (and not the whole scene what I assume).
The user jwtrp also suggest UNCHECKING “Transform Vertex to Absolute” in the import window.
It would be great if you can tell if and which of the 2 solutions helped! <3

So, did 1 of the 2 solutions I gave work? You can ask if something still went wrong, but if you do not have any more questions, make sure to check out your question for tracking reasons! <3

De second worked well. Thank you very much.

This one, so other people who use the search function with a similar question can see that it is resolved. <3