Rotate a mesh within editor?

I have a mesh that imported at a 45 degree angle to the world. I understand that I can go back into 3dsmax, fix it and re-import it but I’m wondering if there’s a way to align the pivot point to the shirt’s mesh so I can non-uniform scale it properly? Even if there’s a way to scale along the world XYZ axis rather than the object’s local axis being that the local axis is 45 degrees off. Thank you so much! Total U.E. noob here, using UE4 for only 2 months but a professional 3D artist for 15 years.

Oh wow thats very annoying. Is it a blueprint or just static mesh?

If it’s a blueprint, simply rotate the “static mesh” component inside the BP editor. NOT the root component. If it’s in the level, you will see changes in real time.

If it’s a static mesh (non-BP), you can “translate” the import rotation, which will pre-apply the -45* (or whatever) angle that you need, making it look centered.

This is done from the “details” panel after double clicking the static mesh from the content browser.Then scroll to “Import settings”. You will see “Asset Import Data”, simply change the Asset Import Data->Transform->Import Rotation. This will not show in real time, you will need to go to Asset->Reimport X from the titlebar of the static mesh editor.

Here is a screenshot showing it

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when i do this and i navigate to the file location, nothing shows up for me in that folder, but when i view the file in explorer its there. any idea why?

I was seeing this with .glb asset imports and was able to workaround by:

  • importing into Blender
  • Rotating mesh 90 degrees
  • Exporting .glb
  • right click the mesh icon and select the Reimport w/ New File
  • Enter -90 in the Offset Translation Y
    Don’t ask me why, but the rotation settings or any other combination always offset by 90 in wrong direction and always flipped the mesh if used in animation on spline.