Rotate a Door?

Hi all…
I Created this simple mechanics for make my door rotate…

But how you can see my door will be rotated in a bad position…how i can rotate it but in the right way?

For what i can see in your second image, your door is rotating around its bottom center point.
If that’s the problem the easiest solution is to go back to your 3d app and reopen your door model, then change its pivot to where you the door to rotate from.

Other way around from within unreal is that an “empty” component to your door blueprint (it can be anything you want, just make sure you turn it visibility off aswell as its collisions) then place it on the point exactly where you want your door to rotate from and then add the door as a child of this component.
Then you’ll have to move the parent of the door instead of the door itself in the timeline process.

Doing it in a 3d program as Meguido suggested will work and is probably the best solution. There is another hack I use for adjusting pivots in the editor.
works great on UMG object or structures you made in the engine out of a bunch of things like meshes, emitters, lights etc. where you want them all to move together
but they are game objects and you don’t have the luxury of editing their pivots in a 3d app
And I use it when I am just too lazy to send something back to my 3d editor and re-export and re-import

add a scene object to your blueprint with that big green +ADD COMPONENT button. (Scene Objects are all the way at the bottom of the choices under the utilities submenu)
Move that object to where you want the pivot to be.
then make the object with the pivot you don’t like a child of the scene object
now you can manipulate all the objects underneath it as if the scene’s pivot is all of their pivots

Oh i just reread realized meguido said the same thing but with an empty object. I guess either will do.

Ok, solved :smiley:
But now i have another problem…
The first time that i open the door, it will opens in a moment… when i will close it or i will re-open it, it will do the animation… why?