Rotate a Cube with Finger

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There is a cube in the center of iPad screen, i’m trying make this cube rotate following my finger direction, all i need:
some guides, How to do this with blueprint ?

Just use a slider on UMG to adjust it’s rotation based on the slider position. You can style the slider to be invisible and overlay where the cube is, just make it reset to zero once it hits 360.

Yes, but you’ll probably want to add the sliders value to the rotation, which means you’ll need to move the slider’s 0 point to where you place your finger down at each time you touch the screen.

I’ trying rotate the cube with touch by another way, I hope know I’m thinking good or not:
1- save first touch position in a variable
2- save end touch position in a variable
3- using first and end positions to get touch direction
4- then cube use touch direction in step 3 to rotate

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