Rotate a blueprint to always face the player

I have tried to accomplish this for hours now. I am overlooking something.
Would be awesome if you guys could help me out:)

I have created a simple BP containing an arrow (root, visible ingame) and a spotlight, so you can easily recreate it if you want to.
The arrow should always point at the player.

I made it work once by breaking the rotation and doing some math on pitch yaw and roll, but as soon as i rotate the BP in the vieport everything was off again.

For the spot light you have to get world location and set world rotation

Looking good. Thanks.
Seems like context sensitiv wires are a problem :frowning: Draggin a wire from ‘SpotLight’ doesnt offer ‘GetWorldLocation’. Had to turn it off first…

Yeah, but it s fixed now in 4.6 really i like the improvements they made

Still a preview build but nice to hear:)