Rotatable 360 VR camera/capture for Unreal Engine 4: Test4 - 'Cinematic'

Hi folks,
I am researching 360 panoramic rendering method in Unreal Engine 4 (4.11), current 360 capture method didn’t have feature of camera rotation.
So our team made unique panoramic capturing system ‘r360Pano’ in UE4, it have a feature for camera animation (transform and rotation), finally."

This is 4th test, theme is ‘Cinematic’, it’s really ‘epic’ challenge for r360Pano, we tried to make 360 video for “Infiltrator Demo” sequence.
Original Demo is absolutely great sequences, so ‘r360Pano’ follows original camera in matinee, only several adjustments for 360 previewing were tuned carefully.
For the best way you avoid throw up, you will sometimes reset your neck rotation to front as normal watching movie after looking around.

CG team 01, IMAGICA imageworks

アンリアル4によるカメラワークのある360度映像­システム - テストその4:「シネマティック」



今回のテストはepic「Infiltrator Demo」シーケンスにトライしました。


Sweet! :smiley: Will you make support for stereoscopic as well?

Hi Richardek,
I am not a bit sure for the result of 360 stereoscopic video, because stereo image is only effected in front view.
I would like ideally to realise all direction stereo vision but it’s not near goal…

additional images

Here is Facebook 360 video!

as I can prove your capture method 360? you going to publish?