Rotatable 360 Panoramic camera vid - test 01

Hi folks, I’m Kyuji, UE lover and we are thinking ideal real-time 360 panoramic rendering with Unreal Engine 4 (4.11), we made primitive but useful system ‘r360Pano’ camera having the feature for camera animation (transform + rotation), this is result footage.

‘r360Pano’ TEST01](- YouTube)

Have a look and let me know any feedback!
Kyuji Kawase
IMAGICA Imageworks

Hi again!
This is “UE4 ‘r360Pano’ camera system test - Vehicle gameplay”

Today we tested ‘vehicle’ gameplay capturing, real-time.
The speed is under15fps, too slow but it is still works!

Let me know any feedback! (exception, I’d like to throw up)
Gameplay 360 video

Pretty cool :slight_smile:
I don’t think this is suited for live gameplay due to the low fps but it should work nicely for a matinee fly-through or something like that where fps don’t matter.

Looks interesting

Hi TK,
Thank you for response, yes that is not so fit for game play, and replay promotional footage on you tube or some might be best suitable!

Thanks, TL.

Hi, this was ‘r360Pano’ camera test part 2 with [Realistic Rendering] sample.
Camera followed original matinee camera animation, it’s worked well.
![IIW_Unreal Engine4 Rotatable 360 panoramic camera - test 02_4k .mp4_snapshot_00.52_2016.04.21_0.jpg|3840x2160
![IIW_Unreal Engine4 Rotatable 360 panoramic camera - test 02_4k .mp4_snapshot_01.04_2016.04.21_0.jpg|3840x2160
Test2 video

It still feels too choppy :stuck_out_tongue: have you tried using the record functionality in matinee? you can set it to record at 30 fps and output it into an avi file.

Edit: hmm actually could this be a playback issue with youtube? it seems to be play smoothly sometimes… could be my browser.

Hi TK, Thank you for feedback!
my idea is when Viewer see 360 video, they can see every part and they will want to see non blur vision.
So I turned off motion blur and maybe it’s a bit fast motion, at the result this set effected side effect when 30fps speed.
Next time I’ll try 60fps video.
I tried matinee recording at first, but post effect and particles is not worked, so I use the console command recording by blueprint, there is no skipped image with all effect.
About non smooth rendering with web browser, it might be issued by compression set of H.264… it’s no idea what set is ideal…

you plan to share your capture method 360 is the best I’ve seen, you could give me information on how to obtain it

Thank you

Great Job! I too want to test your method. How could I try?

any new about the tutorial ?:smiley:

How can I config&use Rotatable 360 Panoramic camera? Thanks.

Hey! Great work, i´ve seen all 360 videos you´ve uploaded…they look awesome. Are you planing to share the plugin or upload to Marketplace? It is something i would definitely pay for, since the built in plugin is way too far from this. I would really appreciate to get some feedback from you. Congrats!