Rose Racer update - Kickstarter launch and new gameplay trailer!

Hello fellow Unreal Engine 4 developers! I wanted to share the latest gameplay trailer for Rose Racer, an arcade racing game inspired by kart racing games of the 1990s.

We’re super excited about Rose Racer. We’re building Rose Racer from the ground up to be a fun local multiplayer game for up to 4 players. There are items and power-ups to use during races, like Marbles and Jacks. And we’re even working on an arena battle mode!

But at it’s core, Rose Racer is more then a multiplayer racing game. We want players to be able to explore the world of Rose and her friends, and get to know the characters they’ll be racing with. So we decided to make a Story Mode for Rose Racer.

That’s right. A Story Mode, in a racing game! You and your friends will be able to play through 6 unique Stories, each staring a different character. And, each character will be voiced by some very talented voice actors.

Also, my studio just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Rose Racer, which can be found here: Rose Racer by Nacelle Games, LLC — Kickstarter. We have many fun, unique rewards for backers, and each reward tier comes with a digital download of the game!

Any support and feedback from the amazing Unreal Engine 4 developer community would be extremely helpful, and we would be grateful.

Thank you!

Hi I would advise using google adwords to help find an audience if you havent already.

Thanks for the suggestion. We’re looking into doing just that, along with other advertising routes.