Ropes - Hoses - Cables [SUBMITTED]

Hey guys, just finished up my presentation video for my Spline Generated Ropes, Hoses, and Sci-fi cables. I added and changed a bunch of stuff from when you all last saw it. Check it out!

Ropes, Cables, and Hoses with LOD’s

21 Meshes (All with LOD’s)
5 Materials
21 Textures
1024 x 512 Textures
Triangle Range (40 - 1300)

Place them all over your map in any scenario to add realism and detail to your game. Rope works well in both organic environments and industrial scenes. The cables and hoses can go in a sci-fi game, a dungeon game, junk yard, computer server room, you name it! You will want these in your game no matter what you’re making!

(UPDATED)Create all of these meshes within the engine using splines!


Hope you all like it! Let me know if you have any suggestions to make the pack better :slight_smile:

They look great, but what are they? Are they static meshes, skeletal meshes, physics objects?

Thanks! That’s a good question, currently they are static meshes, but I can look into how I could turn them into physics objects and what impact it would have on using it in a game optimization wise.

You could provide them as static meshes when you cut them so one could use the Spline & SplineMeshComponent

Added the ability to create the ropes/hoses/cables with splines in Unreal now!!
Static meshes also provided :slight_smile:

This is actually very cool … I have been trying to rack my head around how or where I would use this … but I have decided what the hell … it is a cool idea and deserves to be supported. Good luck with your pack. 8-}

Thanks! haha, you can use it for so many things! Telelphone wires in a city, laundry lines, server cables, sci-fi cables, ropes tied to a ship, on a dock. You could even swap out the texture and use it for vines hanging from tree’s, roots coming from tree trunks. In fact, maybe I should add some organic tree and vine textures in to this so people have even more uses for it! But honestly, whatever you’re making, I’m sure there is a use for these :slight_smile:

It would be really nice if you can turn them into something physical. However - I will buy them. :slight_smile:

Yay more props for decorating boring scenes.

It always amuses me when I get really excited about something that someone else finds utterly mundane. Spatulas, whisks, and apparently 3d modeled hoses. Especially ones that can be created by spines.

I love these.

Love it. Spline support makes this perfect!

Thanks a lot for the support guys! I was thinking $15 would be good for this pack and if I decide to go back and add some organic vines like I was mentioning maybe $20 for the whole thing. Hopefully it makes it to the Trello boards!

I am sold for $15.00 – 8-}

Great Idea! $15 is a good price point.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:
It’s up in the voting boards now! The quicker it gets votes the quicker you all can get your hands on it :slight_smile: Thanks again for the support everyone! I look forward to see what crazy ideas and ways you all end up using these if it makes it through voting :slight_smile:

Hey guys! I just finished making my final presentation video for the Ropes/Hoses/Cables pack.
The final price will be $19.99 when it is released. You won’t regret it! I have added a ton of awesome features and new work for all of you into the pack. It’s a steal for that price! Check it out everyone :slight_smile:

Nice job Jacob, after creating the spline mesh is it still possible to add physics for realistic movement? The sci-fi cables will work great in my scene if I can do that since they will be hooked to something that would cause the cables to move.

Hi X.E.R.T.
Applying I have not applied physics to these cables, but I know there are some good plugins that allow for that sort of thing. There is a cable system that ships with Unreal 4, but from what I have heard it is not too robust. Perhaps in a later release I may update this to have physics, unfortunately it won’t be releasing with it though. I hope you can still get some good use out of it :slight_smile: You can always swap out the models for whatever you would like and just use the system I have implemented!

Hey there, great asset!

Is it possible to implement these as scene components, or spawn them via blueprint, without needing to rework the BPs a bunch?


Hi Aunt Jemima, haha awesome name btw
Thank you for the compliments. That’s a very good question. The blueprint itself is very simple, so I imagine any changes you would want to make to it won’t be too difficult or break anything. I have never tried this myself and am a bit unsure how I would do that unfortunately. So I can’t answer without a doubt, but hopefully this helps a bit?