Rope 'swing'

My first post here :slight_smile:
I’ve started playing around with blueprints and wanted to implement something like “rope” swing physics.
Something like this:
What I have right now:

Instead of swinging in circle motion it does pretty much nothing. I’m probably doing something horribly wrong there, but I can’t figure it out yet.

P.S. Sorry for the mess in blueprint.

Can’t see your blueprint at all for some reason. Looks like something weird happened when you pasted.

But you just want to rotate your object around a certain point. Simplest way is to set the rotation point of your actor to be where the rope connects to the frame and just lerp it’s rotation

Yeah, sorry about that, first time I pasted it didn’t show so I used the editor below and repasted, but it appears it doesn’t overwrite the previous BP.

Rotating would work for that kind of motion, but I would like it to be a part of physics simulation (applying forces instead of manually moving the object).

I’ll try posting the blueprint correctly later today.

Then you will want to use physics constrains then. Check out the content examples in the learn tab and there is a couple in there that do that. You will want 2 different objects and use the physics constraints to keep them in place and put the constrains to it’s distance and angles and it should rotate the way you want. Just apply a force and it should kick it along.

That’s actually the first thing I wanted to try, but somehow decided that using forces would be a better way. I’ll try that and post my results later today (hopefully), thanks :slight_smile:

Here’s my updated blueprint paste:

Will be trying out constraints soon :slight_smile: