Rope Animation Issue

Hello Dear All,

Im struggling since couple days and im really stuck after tons of research and failed attempt, maybe someone can figure out… According to this wire rig tutorial (The wire rig in 3Ds Max - YouTube) i create very simple in very certain rope animation as you can see in the attachment. refline(line+spline IK control)+rope(mesh)+dummy (mainroot-on top of everything). I really need that point helpers from spline IK control for accurate animation and also some other objects attached on that line and following movement which that attached parts coming without any problem into ue4, problem is mesh (rope) is coming but without animation ! other part animations are ok which is following the line(with path constraint). i already tried bone system but it doesn’t work for my purpose and also not accurate. I do not know what am i doing wrong ?

Details in the attachment, thank you very much for your time, hopefully some one can respond…