Rootmotion for a pawn?

I only have very limited knowledge of c++, but would like to hear if someone know how to implement rootmotion for a pawn instead of a character? Also would it be possible to implement with blueprint only?

Did you make a RootMotion animation and assign it to a SkelatalMesh in a Pawn?

I have implemented root motion for both pawn an AI in blueprints…

Main thing for a pawn is to use input to select and control animation playback rather than directly apply movement.

e.g. To run faster, play the animation faster.

Sorry left out some details. Yes i have a pawn with a skeletal mesh that has rootmotion for all selected. I basically just want to be able to rotate it in 90 degree steps. So i have two anims. One turn right 90 and one 90 left. I trigger them when diff between mesh and control rotation are above 90 or below 90. But as i can tell, i need to drive rotation manualy.