RootMotion Controller For UE4

Hay Guys i have been following a tutorial on youtube about making a rootmotion controller, the part 4 of the tutorial gives the blueprint files, i have downloaded them and used it for my own project, but when i tried to add Jumping state into the animationBP, my character only jumps in place even when running, he stops and jumps with no velocity in x and y axis from running, is there a way to fix this? i have tried many things for a while now please help.

That’s what i found out yes, i tried adding a notify in the AnimBP to launch character, but it became even worse, if i put the notify in the start of the jump animation it just doesn’t work at all, but when i put the notify in a second in the timeline of the animation it works but i will get the jump z velocity then wait 1 second while in air and then add launches character foreword, it became worse, is there a way to fix this, i really need it for a very important project

A video showing the problem is here: - YouTube

Since in RMC the capsule movement depends from the movement of the animations you need a run&jump animation with root motion for this. Root Motion controller depend a LOT from animations. You could turnaround it by adding a not rootmotion jump (“Launch Character” node, set high Z value, take a look at overides) using an IsInAir check to not allow air jumps.

I should see the player controller, probably there’s something around that create problems (and the video isn’t aviable). Can you update the project somewhere? So I can check&fix the problem for you (then report you what the cause was).

This is the BP MEGA
all you need are the Kubold Movement Pro animations if you have them.