Rootcomponent Transform


I was wondering if transform support for rootcomponents will be added to blueprints?

Barring that, will a way to transform the mesh asset itself be added? (similar to how it was in UE3)

At the moment, I have to use additional code to transform root components after they initilised and attached to another non-rootcomponent.

If I have overlooked something, please let me know.



Hi there!

To adjust the rotation or translation offset of your mesh to compensate for transfer from modelling program to UE4

  1. have a character Blueprint for your character
  2. apply your skeletal mesh as the mesh for this character
  3. go to components tab of character blueprint
  4. click on the main mesh
  5. use the widget to affect translation, press spacebar to switch between rotation and translation widget

I had to rotate one of my skeletal meshes a full 90 degrees using this method due to not positioning it right in the modeling program :slight_smile:

I’ve adjusted the “foot height” or “standing height” of several different skeletal meshes using this method I am describing.

Collision Capsule Relative to Mesh

What matters most is the position of your mesh relative to the collision capsule.

If the feet are too far above or below the collision capsule, the mesh will appear to be in the air or sunk into the ground.

hope this helps!

Hi Chris,

The short answer is that you cannot directly move the root via the components menu. This is because it represents the origin of the blueprint. You can make it into a variable and use translation nodes so that when it is placed, it will automatically be moved. That method is about the same as simply moving the blueprint in the world via the translate tool. Please let me know if you are still confused.

Thank you,



What about the ability to transform the mesh itself to correct for differences between the modeling program and UE4?