Root rotation from Maya ignored, but no translation

I have made a very simple animation on Maya, with the sole objective of making sure everything is fine with my root motion (once I have been experiencing problems with root’s rotation despite all my debug attempts):


As you can see, this animation both translates the root bone as well as rotates it. However, when imported into the Unreal Engine 4, I get only the translation, not the rotation.

The strange thing is: if you export the imported animation from inside UE4 itself and get it back to Maya, then you can see that the rotation in the root bone was gone, as if the data had been destroyed by the import’s process on the engine. However, if you reimport the original animation instead, back to Maya, all seems fine, but you can never make it work inside the engine.

I tried to export the .fbx file both using the ART and not, but got always the same result: it works fine on Maya, but never inside UE4.

I think I am messing something when exporting from Maya to UE4, but I am really lost here.

Any help is appreciated.

P.S.: I tried the same using different versions of UE (4.10, 4.11, 4.12 and 4.13), but all I get is the same result: no rotation.

Ok, I solved it. To help those in the future, it was just a matter of proper adjusting the UP vector in the export process from Maya.