Root Motion Works in Viewer not through State

I have a root motion animation which I can see in the editor that when I tick root motion on, the character stays in place and when I goto to Show to tick on the option Process Root Motion it works correctly as the character then walks off … this to me looks like root motion is fine.

In the animation BP I changed in the edit preview and edit defaults to have the option root motion from everything.

In game the animation plays from a State however when it s triggered to play the character only stays in place i.e. like when it plays in the animation editor when Process Root Motion is turned off.

I have other anims working fine from a Montage is there anything else I need to do when playing through a State?

I tried changing physics to flying (although it shouldn’t be needed) and I added a trigger volume in the middle of the map to test it to ensure there are no collision issues as well.

Any ideas as to what I need do?

I converted it to use a montage and it works fine, I just don’t see how to get it working through the state though …