Root Motion Won't Rotate Character

Hello, I am trying to rotate my character with the basic Animation I have imported to ue4. In preview editor, root motion seems to work just fine. But In game, animation would play but not rotate the character. I use third person template and whether I attach the camera to player’s head or not, It won’t rotate.

Even If I disable every node related to rotation and controller.

Anim BP is set to extract root motion from montages only, but switching to rootMotion from everything won’t really make a difference. The Z axis rotations on any root animation on player just doesn’t work.

I really appreciate an idea why It wouldn’t work this way. Thank You.

make sure that your skeleton has a root bone?, and the animation it ware retargetted from had one? Also when you switch to Root Motion From Everything, make sure that you click the apply button that pops up in the bottom right. Also make sure “Usre Root Motion” is checked on. here is a tutorial i made that outlines the whole process from a mixamo animation which does not have a root bone, and therefore no root motion. UE4 adding root motion animations from mixamo - YouTube

I just found that you have to have Orient Rotation to movement set to true, and Use Controller Rotation Yaw set to false - I.e:- typical third person capsule/camera controls. I too was having issues with a montage not rotating the player and yhis fixed it as i had it set as 1st person controls i.e:- orient rotation to movement set false and use controller rotation yaw set to true