Root motion "wobbling"

Hey guys. I’m having issues using root motion with most of the animations I extracted (for experimentation) from Arkham City. When root motion is set to use the “ref pose” it wobbles from side to side, and moves at an upwards angle with “process root motion” enabled. These are the raw files used by the game, with no alterations.
“Process root motion” unchecked: [Imgur](ht…m/SLvB3bW.gifv](](

“Process root motion” checked: [Imgur](ht…m/3xUmoZK.gifv](](

Root motion disabled: [Imgur](ht…m/woHDbvG.gifv](](

The skeleton: [](htt…om/PEIzLRK.jpg](](

Any suggestions? The root bone being placed near the hip seems most likely to be the issue, but I’d need some sort of batch solution to fix the other 800+ animations.