Root Motion Usability Issue.

Root Motion has been available in Unreal 4 since the beginning and there has been many improvements over the course as part of the on going releases and as game animator the Ignore Root Motion is a helpful feature where I can a least add animation with out the worries of conforming to in place or root.

The problems though as being inherent to hot gluing the in place player model to a movement component still persists of doing and accomplishing some basic requirements applied to what is in essences a puppet in a box. The most common problem being of course is the movement component moves at a constant velocity that is not compatible with real world human movement dynamics that requires back keying to off set the forward movement just to prevent the players feet from skating.

A solution to this problem could be a Root Motion component as part of the BP but what might be easier to implement is the opposite of ignore as a hybrid of both in place and root motion glued to the movement component but the movement component will respect as being another data set the key frame data applied to the root of the player model, that will offset the constant velocity problem, but still function as it would in place.

My desire and request is simple. I would love it if my player animations looked grounded and not like they are frozen in a block of ice. :wink: