Root Motion - Turn anim is not rotating capsule

Hello guys, im needing some help…

To resume, i have some animations that i have converted from Mixamo to add him Root Bones (Using Blender Addon). After a lot of trys, seems the animations have good root motions but i still can’t to rotate my capsule component (moving is fine) with the turn anim.

Start and Sprint works (of course im not trying to apply rotate with them).
But the “Turn Anim” starts and end facing the front of the capsule.

Things that i have done (based on this steps: Setup Root Motion System with Input Rotation in Unreal Engine 4 - Part 1 - YouTube):

  • Enabled Root Motion on Anim Asset
  • Enamble “Root Motion for Everything” on Defaults of my AnimBP
  • Enabled Use Controller Yaw on Character Component
  • Disabled Orient Rotation to Movement
  • Disabled Allow Physics Rotation During Anim Root Motion (There is a possible problem: Even Disabling this i still can rotate the caracter during a Root Motion Animation, but i don’t know why)

I’m feeling very dumb… Any help is welcome

Did you find any solution?