Root Motion: The speed of the capsule does not match the animation

I am puzzeling for days now to get root motion working correctly. The speed of the capsule and character does not match the speed of the animation in root-motion mode.

I used an existing mocap animation and animated the root bone to match the pelvis. I got the result of movement of the capsule, the animation runs a normal 100% but somehow the movement of the capsule and character runs approximately half speed.
I got a very simple setup of my character with a animation montage of the animation.

When I turn off the root motion the animation and the movement runs correct but as expected in the end of the animation the capsule and character flips back to the begin position.

What am I missing here ?

Well how about that… I found my problem. It turns out that my scaling of the root node had a value of 2.54 in stead of 1.0. Weird but I fixed it !