Root motion sync group weird transition

I have a problem with animation syncing with Root motion controller.
In forward anim i set to default 1 play rate, in backward i set -1 playrate (this is need to perfect legs transition between anims, I reversed backward animation in Maya for synchronize legs with forward animation), in ue4 aim again reverse playrate on backward anim.
But root bone transition give weird resuilt. everything the i change input direction root bone gets sliding. If i set in both anims identical playrate scale, root bone transition become normal. Tranks.

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Hey maslenok,

Just so I’m understanding you, you’re saying that you have a walk forward animation and a walk backward animation, but you’re playing the backward animation in reverse to match the forward animation. Is that correct? As a result of that, they are not syncing up correctly?

This might be better demonstrated in an example project. Would you be willing to migrate your characterBP and AnimationBP to an example project and send it to me? You can PM me a download link on the forums.


Hey maslenok,

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