Root Motion Sword Attack Lands Mid-Air?

I am using level blueprints to complete a simple “Scripted Movie”. Essentially just an NPC than runs to point X, plays animation Y. Rinse and repeat.

I am using a Sword and Shield Slash from Mixamo. I have the root added and all that jazz. He stops mid air for some strange reason as seen here, followed by gliding.


Here is the code in the Level Blueprint:

I have “Enable Root Motion” checked w/ [Ref Pose] Selected on the Animation and “Root Motion From Everything” in his Animation Blueprint

As an update, this is the animation in Persona with Show > “Process Root Motion”. As mentioned, I’ve added the root and made the necessary changes to the animation and rig. From what I can tell, the animation itself is processing correctly.

If anyone can confirm, let me know!


upload the anim fbx here.

is there any special reason why you prefer using delays instead of anim notify?

got the fbx. sorry can you upload the skeleton you used as well?
I just assumed it was a mixamo default.

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See below, remove .txt - it wouldnt let me upload .fbx?

I dont use anim notifies either. I find them more difficult to manage overall. maybe a preference thing.

I just noticed you’re using play animation. I dont use that at all. I do all the root motion animation playing in the animBP in the event graph and animgraph using montages. I’m quite familiar with that so I’ll test it out a bit for you if you upload the skeleton. otherwise I don’t know why it would workin the preview and not when playing.

Thanks. I’m still new so I’m learning as I go. Delays are just the simplest form I’ve found so far. I am working entirely out of the Level Blueprint as it appears to be simpler (no casting to other blueprints and all that jazz). I’m only trying to achieve very simple AI movements for a scripted video.

Everything I want to accomplish is essentially [NPC moves here, use animation “X”]. The animations will be different attacks with added spell effects and such.

I used the Mixamo paladin as a template, added the root then re-targeted on to the Infinity Blade skeleton.

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i think hardcoding that is gonna make it harder on the longrun, what if you change the animation length? or even if there is a lag spike or something like that. notifies are not that hard. this way you could time it properly.
also, about your issue, what happens if you play the animation in runtime without setting anything, like…hotkey, play animation? does it glides too?

I’ll do some testing with some of your comments / screenshots and see what my results are.

Thanks for the help!

Hi.Kielbasa Did you it solve? I have same problem. if you solve this, Could you share solution of this? thx.