Root motion sword attack animation problem


I have encountered following problem:

I use TPP camera locomotion like for ex. in Witcher 3 or Shadow Of War - it means you can move in 4 directions right/left/forward/backward and every anim plays well in every direction I move except root motion sword attack anims which are playing always in the same direction (forwards) no matter which direction I move my character - so when I hit left mouse button to attack, my character turn to face forward direction and play animation, but that’s definetely NOT something I need. I want my root motion attacks to play in direction I move, so if I move in the left direction and hit LMB while moving I want my character to play attack anim in the left direction.

My attack anims are animmontages with defined ‘attacks’ anim slot.

Do you know if its possible to play root motion attacks in the direction my character is moving? If so, how to achieve that?

I have attached my layered blend per bone node setup in anim graph.

It does not matter which skeleton I use. (I tried standard Mannequin and custom skeletons)

Thanks in advance for all support